Play and Learning

Excerpt from Me, Myself and I, by Kyle D. Pruett, M.D.

For most parents, children’s play is just that and no more – diversion or entertainment.  Kids do seem to like it after all, and their pleasure in devoting hours to play, make-believe, and following their imaginations is usually obvious.

But to think that play matters only in so far as it brings pleasure is to miss the forest through the trees.  Play is ultimately about learning.  And all play is educational play.  One of the interesting findings in a recent poll conducted by Zero to Three, National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, is that many parents don’t fully appreciate the connection between play and cognition.  According to the poll, parents of young children significantly underestimate the power that play has in enriching a child’s learning competence.  Furthermore, they thought their role as play partner was much less important than it was a learning partner.  Not true.

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The reason that children love to play is precisely because it does mean something.  They come to it very naturally from the beginning months of their life.  In fact, a vast amount of a child’s total learning comes through play, both alone and with you.  What are some of the things children learn through play?

  • Children learn what is soft and hard, cold and warm, scratchy or smooth, as they touch and manipulate everything within reach.
  • Children learn what is heavy and light, as they heft and fling things about their world.
  • Children learn what is sour and sweet, as they mouth, suck, and drool their way through everyday life.
  • Children learn what is quiet and loud, pleasing and raucous, as they scream and coo, or rub and smash.
  • Children learn what works and doesn’t work, as they pull and push, fit, stack, and destroy.

One of the most important things they learn through all this tireless trial and error is how to connect events, feelings, events, thoughts, and learning together into experience and to file it away in their brains under certain symbols.  This all starts to happen well before they have command of spoken language.  Simply stated, through play, children learn to symbolize their experience.

The enrichment of learning by play, and vice versa, also holds for the quality of the child’s relationships.  Research tells us that kids who are securely attached to their caregivers are better players and hence, by our reasoning, better learners.  Children who have received consistent high-quality care, both emotionally and physically, who are talked to and listened to, and who have observed those around them involved in respectful interpersonal relationships carry their security – their self-confidence and feelings of self-worth – into play with others.

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Kyle D. Pruett, M.D. is an advisor for The Goddard School®.  Dr. Pruett is an authority on child development who has been practicing child and family psychiatry for over twenty-five years.  He is a clinical professor of child psychiatry at Yale University’s Child Study Center.

Meet another member of our wonderful team….

Hello my name is Ms. Krista. I absolutely love what I do! I have been in childcare for 8 years now and am so excited to share my enthusiasm and love for children with the families here at The Goddard School.

I enjoy coloring, completing arts and crafts projects and blowing bubbles. I am a kid at heart and enjoy getting down on the floor and doing activities that make the children happy. I believe this is what makes me such a great teacher!

I have earned my Child Development Associate credential and I’m back at school taking more early childhood classes because I want to constantly improve myself for the benefit of your children.


Meet our wonderful Faculty!

Mr Enrique is our Operations Director. He has over 13 years experience in education/early childhood. He’s enjoyed coaching football, track & field, and basketball at the High School level, now he coaches his daughters in soccer, basketball and tennis. We’ve nicknamed him “The Child Whisperer” because the children seem to gravitate toward whatever activity or lesson he has put out for them.

His teaching philosophy is that children are people and should be taught/coached/guided with respect. Enrique has his Associate Degree in Business, and is completing his Child Development Associate credential.

The opportunity to move up and take the role of Operations Director has been a dream is his because he can take all of his talents and apply them for the benefit of our teachers, children and families.

We are honored to have Mr Enrique as a part of our Goddard family. He is truly a blessing for all of us!


Meet our wonderful Faculty!

Ms Carly is our Program Director. She has over 15 years experience in early childhood. She’s been a nanny, owned her own preschool, and taught Kindergarten. She loves having a positive impact on each individual child and improving their education. Carly was an Asst Director who lead her team to recognized accomplishments and accreditation’s.


She has her CDA, studied Business and is completing her Associates in Early Childhood. Ms Carly is also the proud mom to two adorable and energetic daughters.

Carly has endless creativity and energy, and has planned a wonderful and exciting school year for all of our children.

We are thrilled to have Ms Carly as part of our Goddard family.

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There are so many wonderful activities that are engaging our children everyday, busy play and exploration, reading to all ages, creative art, computer time and so much more. The busier the day, the more they discover that learning is lots of fun!


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The Goddard School is committed to helping children build an early foundation in 21st Century and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning. The arts play an important role in this foundation and provide a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their creativity, collaboration, communication and critical problem solving skills.
With this in mind, our Goddard Schools have brought their creativity alive on canvas to create vivid, imaginative artwork. Vote for your favorite masterpiece beginning Monday, September 15 at 5:00 PM EDT by “liking” the photo.

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our art masterpiece for the competition




IMPORTANT! The only votes that count will be the ones on the corporate FB link! Please follow the link above to cast your votes! Thanks for your help, our kiddos worked hard on this artwork and need your support.


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